…Adam Aircraft Assures Insurance To AdamJet Pilots — With A Catch


Meanwhile, at Adam Aircraft, in Englewood, Colo., good news has been on a roll. First there was the recent word that the Williams engine for their AdamJet was FAA-certified and good to go. Then the company received Type Inspection Authorization from the FAA for its A500 Centerline Twin, a major milestone on the road to getting the all-important Type Certificate. And last Friday, the company made two announcements: Adam Aircraft will guarantee insurance to fly the A700 jet for pilots who first buy and fly the A500 twin (that’s the catch), and the FAA has accepted Adam’s A700 Transition Training Syllabus under its FAA-Industry Training Standard (FITS) program. Since the A500 and A700 share the same side-stick flight controls, Avidyne avionics, circuit-breaker location and switch positioning, and also have similar takeoff, landing, approach and maneuvering characteristics, the A500 is an ideal training platform for the A700, the company said. To qualify for the insurance-assurance program, customers must place an order on both A500 and A700 aircraft. They are required to have a Private Pilot certificate, instrument privileges, 1,000 hours total time, 500 hours in complex aircraft and 200 hours in the A500 at the time of A700 delivery. If, for any reason, customers do not receive insurance coverage on the A700, the deposit will be refunded in full, the company said.

The FITS training program is the second one developed by Adam. The FITS’ aim is to enhance safety by developing flight-training programs that are more convenient, more accessible, less expensive, scenario-based and more relevant to today’s pilots. Instead of training pilots to pass practical tests, FITS will focus on decision-making, risk management and single-pilot resource-management skills, to help pilots expertly manage real-world challenges. The type-specific training is considered by many to be a boost on the path to insurability for pilots of the next generation of very-light jets. “With a FITS program for both the A500 and A700, we have created a consistent training protocol, which will support and encourage customer growth within our product line,” said David Thompson, director of pilot training for Adam Aircraft.