‘New’ Engines Beat, Oshkosh 2004


Diamond Aircraft arrived in style with the DA-42 Twinstar, powered by dual 135-hp Thielert Centurion turbodiesels. The FADEC-controlled, four-cylinder, double-overhead-cam engine promises amazing fuel specifics: 4.5 gph in cruise, making the Twinstar less thirsty than many singles. Diamond has received type approval in Europe and is working toward certification in the U.S. The Thielerts fit into slim nacelles on the Twinstar partly because the engine is laid over on its side, with water and oil radiators on top. In the Twinstar installation, the engine breathes through a single large scoop beneath the propeller. Thanks to its small displacement (1.7 liters), the Centurion engine must spin to 3800 rpm. A reduction drive brings prop speed down to an environmentally friendly 2300 rpm for takeoff. Dry weight is listed as 295 pounds.