…What Others Have Said


If you’re still stumped on what to say in your comment to the FAA, take a few minutes to read what others have had to say. (Click on the TXT file. It loads faster than the PDF.) You’ll note that most of the comments are short and to the point. “The Washington DC ADIZ is destroying general aviation in the area,” writes one pilot. “I operated my airplane out of Potomac, Md. (under the FRZ) and I eventually sold it because it just wasn’t fun anymore.” However, if you feel the need to wax eloquently, there is no limit on the amount you can say and the FAA assures us that every word will be read and duly considered. Although you’re encouraged to add personal anecdotes and any special insight you may have, there are points AOPA would like you to include in your comments. AOPA is especially interested in pilots asking for public hearings on the NPRM so officials can hear the comments firsthand.