G100UL Approved: Now What?


On Sept. 1, 2022, the FAA finally approved the first unleaded 100-octane aviation fuel, GAMI’s G100UL. Now things get complicated as companies have to figure out how to market and distribute the fuel in a universe where 100LL hasn’t been prohibited yet and is still the dominant piston fuel. This short video summarizes the market overview and introduces three longer companion videos.


  1. GasBuddy.com now shows some gas stations in my state (NC) selling 87 AKI E10 for around $3.00. Ethanol-free E0 costs more, but still way below 100LL. Pure-Gas.org shows 16,869 sellers of ethanol-free in the US, many at the higher 91 AKI ratings needed by some of the mogas STCs. Airnav reports by comparison “only” 3522 FBOs selling 100LL, the most likely to potentially offer G100UL. My money is on Mogas and Jet-A as our future fuels.

  2. Outstanding series of videos, this overview and all those that provide “insider’s views” on the production process and challenges and the regulatory side of replacing 100LL. Thanks very much for being the right person in the right place at the right time to brings us all these updates, Paul.