AdamJet Achieves FL410 And 340 KTAS Milestones


Adam Aircraft announced late last month that a prototype of its A700 AdamJet flew to FL410 and achieved a true airspeed of 340 knots during flight testing on April 20. The aircraft’s test flight was crewed by Senior Turbine Test Pilot Ken Sasine and co-pilot Dan Brand. According to the company, the aircraft departed Centennial Airport and climbed directly to FL410. The climb rate was still in excess of 1,000 fpm out of FL390, according to Adam. After leveling off, the crew accelerated, reaching a maximum speed of 340 KTAS. “This flight signifies the continuing progress of the A700 program,” said Bill Watters, Adam Aircraft vice president of flight operations. “Serial Number 001 has demonstrated the aircrafts flight capabilities, Serial Number 002 remains on track for FAA Certification, and collectively the two aircraft have flown more than 500 hours. A700 Serial Number 003 is currently in production.”

Adam says A700 Serial Number 002 includes a recently installed digital acquisition unit to provide full engine performance and fuel system instrumentation, and has begun performance testing, of which the April 20 flight was clearly an example. Additional testing for 002 includes airspeed calibration plus takeoff and landing tests. The aircraft also includes fully functioning software supporting the three-tube primary and multi-function flight displays. The company said it has accelerated its ongoing static tests of the airframe and has completed pressurization testing to 26.7 psi, which exceeded the 24.7 psi pressure differential test requirement. The static tests for engine mounts, tailbooms, nosewheel tunnel, wing, spars, elevator, rudder and landing gear are all well underway and scheduled for completion by June 30. Adam tells AVweb the company still plans for year-end certification of the A700, depending on FAA scheduling. Meanwhile, limitations on the piston-powered A500’s certification are being signed off on daily. Adam tells us the company expects to have its type inspection authority any day now.