Boeing Hosts A Presidential Visit


Companies like Boeing that create jobs in the U.S. instead of shipping them overseas should be rewarded with tax breaks, President Obama said during a visit to the manufacturer in Everett, Wash., on Friday. Boeing has put “thousands of folks to work all over the country,” Obama said. “We want to see more of this. We need to make it as easy as we can for our companies to create more jobs in America. And that starts with our tax code.” He said he also wants to make it easier for companies like Boeing to export their products. Obama filmed his weekly address from the plant, with airplanes under construction in the background.

The White House blog also focused on Boeing, noting that the company “employs tens of thousands of Americans in its factories and facilities across the country, and the supply chain for its products reach into every state in the nation, supporting thousands of additional jobs.” Boeing is also one of the top exporters in the U.S., selling its commercial planes to 53 countries in the last five years. Nearly 8,000 people are directly employed in building the 787, and many more by the companies that supply its parts.The White House also produced an infographic to illustrate the impact of 787 exports.