Boeing Schedules, Cancels Call On Max 8


Boeing’s stock continued to tumble on Tuesday as the company apparently has been struggling in its response to the recent crash of a nearly new 737 Max 8 in Indonesia. Boeing officials scheduled a conference call Tuesday morning with operators to address their questions about the flight-control system on the jet, and whether the manuals provided enough information to operate the aircraft safely, but the call was later cancelled. No reason was given for the cancellation, but the call will be rescheduled, sources told the Los Angeles Times.

“You may have seen media reports that we intentionally withheld information about airplane functionality from our customers. That’s simply untrue,” Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg wrote in a message to employees, according to the LA Times. “The relevant function is described in the Flight Crew Operations Manual and we routinely engage with our customers about how to operate our airplanes safely.” In a statement released Monday, Boeing said, “While we can’t discuss specifics of an ongoing investigation, we have provided two updates for our operators around the world that reemphasize existing procedures for these situations.” Officials in Indonesia are investigating the crash.