Cessna Sells 30 Airplanes At Sun ‘n Fun


Cessna says it took 30 orders for propeller-driven aircraft at Sun ‘n Fun and fingers are crossed that the long-awaited recovery may actually be taking hold. In a news release, the company said it sold 16 new Corvalis TTX high-performance singles, which were introduced at the show. It also sold 13 high-wing piston singles and one Caravan. “The opening days of Sun ‘n Fun were very positive, and while the storm on Thursday interrupted that mood somewhat, the exhibitors and the crowds bounced back to finish the show strong,” said Mark Paolucci, Cessna’s senior vice president of Sales and Marketing.

At least one of the announcements has been in the works for some time. University of North Dakota firmed up its intention to buy five Cessna 172s. Cessna said the new Corvalis created a buzz at the show that resulted in a steady stream of people through the Cessna display.

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