Columbia Aircraft Back Up To Speed


Columbia Aircraft has restored its production level to three new aircraft per week, and nearly all employees furloughed in late March are now back at work, the company said in a news release on Monday. “We made a lot of dramatic moves earlier this year with the objective of increasing our efficiency and strengthening Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation,” said Columbia President Wan Majid. “We’ve made significant improvements to our production processes and tooling.” The returning employees will have plenty to do, said Vice President of Marketing Randy Bolinger. “We don’t publish sales or backlog figures, but I can safely say that we’re comfortable with the order level of the past few months. We delivered more aircraft during the first quarter than we did during the same period last year and I expect that we’ll continue to see strong sales and deliveries.” Columbia manufactures a variety of all-composite piston-single aircraft, including the Columbia 400 and the 350.