Cruise: ‘Top Gun Sequel Shoots Next Year


A sequel to Top Gun, the popular movie about pilots in the U.S. Navy flight school, will begin shooting sometime in the next year, actor Tom Cruise told reporters last week. Asked about the rumors during the Australian morning show “Sunrise,” Cruise said, “It is definitely happening.” No other details were released by Cruise or the producers. The movie was first in theaters in May 1986. “Some critics have called its scenes of Grumman F-14 Tomcats and Northrop F-5’s (which, painted black with a red star, masquerade as MIG’s) the most dramatic ever filmed of jet fighters in action,” The New York Times wrote at the time.

“In close-ups and from afar, the roaring jets are seen diving, twisting and soaring in dazzling acrobatics that often give the illusion that moviegoers are traveling with the Navy pilots at supersonic speeds,” the Times wrote. The realism derived mainly from two factors, the Times said — The Navy gave the film crew virtually unlimited access to its flight operations; and, for some scenes, the work of a small team of special-effects experts created the illusion of reality. Hollywood stunt pilot Art Scholl was killed during the filming, when the biplane he was flying for a film sequence crashed off the Pacific coast. Earlier plans to start work on a sequel stalled after Tony Scott, director of the first film, died in 2012. A 3-D version was released in Imax theaters in 2013.