Falcon 7X Wins FAA, EASA Certification


Dassault’s 5,950-nm, fly-by-wire Falcon 7X is expected to enter service before July, having received type certification from both the EASA and FAA on Friday at a ceremony in Bordeaux-Merignac, France. More than 160 of the trijets have been sold, representing four years of production and marking the 7X as “the most popular launch of a business jet ever in terms of sales dollar value,” according to the company. “When we look back on this event in the future, it will be remembered as a day that brought the design, manufacturing and efficiency of business aircraft to a new level,” said Dassault Aviation Chairman and CEO Charles Edelsteene. As the first traditional business jet to be flown with fly-by-wire technology and “numerous new technologies never before used in business aviation,” Alain Picard, director of certification for Dassault, complimented cooperation from both the EASA and FAA during the joint certification process. Twenty aircraft are already in various stages of production in Bordeaux-Merignac, with seven more at a completion facility at Little Rock, Ark. Dassault expects to expand the Little Rock facility — already its largest in the world, with nearly 1,800 employees and 700,000 square feet of work area — by more than 200 employees over the coming years “to accomodate the high market demand this aircraft enjoys.”