Forced Landing On City Street Caught On Video


A vehicle dashcam in Irvine, California, captured a Piper Cherokee rolling down a city street after making a forced landing last week. The unidentified vehicle was sitting at a rush-hour red light when motorists saw the airplane speed by them through the intersection, luckily with a green light that helped clear the way. A male voice exclaims off-camera, “Are you kidding me?” Aside from that, the traffic flow appeared normal as the vehicle takes a right turn. Moments later, it passes the Cherokee sitting in a lane to the right, eliciting a chuckle of surprise from the witness.

Orange Coast College’s Coast Report Online reported that the Cherokee, with a CFI and student from the college’s aviation training program, had an engine failure during touch-and-go practice at nearby John Wayne Airport. The instructor took the controls and landed on Red Hill Avenue. Local police and fire services responded and there were no injuries. The campus news site reported the Cherokee was towed back to the airport gate and parked there for the time being, as the wings were wider than the gate. College officials said the incident will be investigated; the Cherokee had been flown to another airport recently and has had 20 hours since its last inspection.