Global Weather Radar For EPIC Cockpits, From ARINC


Add another stick to the arsenal of information ARINC offers the modern cockpit. The company announced last month a new graphical weather radar service for business jet operators called Expanded Weather RadarSM. The product is available immediately, bundled as a “no extra cost” addition to the standard ARINC Direct flight-service portfolio and includes “first-time coverage of major world regions where aviation weather radar data has not previously been available,” according to ARINC, plus “true local radar coverage.” The Expanded Weather Radar is offered to those ARINC Direct customers operating Honeywell EpicTM avionics equipped aircraft. Aside from offering coverage that includes Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, Western Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and Guam, the coverage will by year-end expand to include East Asia, including Malaysia, China and Taiwan. But the expanded coverage area isn’t the only advantage. “It also improves on conventional weather radar by providing accurate overlays of the true local radar coverage. This outline feature allows pilots to identify parts of a flight path where severe weather might develop without being detected by ground radar,” according to ARINC.