Lion Air Report Expected Wednesday


Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee is expected to release a preliminary report this Wednesday, Nov. 28, on last month’s Lion Air crash involving a Boeing 737 Max jet, in which all 189 people on board were killed. The report will not draw any conclusions about the cause of the crash, but will provide details of the work done so far by investigators, and may explore possible causes of the crew’s loss of control. The report also may include recommendations for operators, if the investigators find pressing safety concerns.

Meanwhile, divers at the site continue to recover debris and to search for the cockpit voice recorder, which is no longer emitting any signals. The flight data recorder has been recovered, and contained 69 hours of data from the jet’s last 19 flights. The FAA issued an emergency Airworthiness Directive earlier this month, directing owners of all Boeing 737 Max aircraft to amend their operating manuals, providing the flight crew with runaway horizontal stabilizer trim procedures to follow under certain conditions.