Mistral Puts 300hp Rotary Engine On Hold


In development for a decade, Mistral Engines said Wednesday that it was on track to win FAA certification by early 2011 for its 300-hp, G-300 rotary, but must now put those plans on hold. The company says it needs a cash infusion and until “adequate financing” is secured, the company’s board of directors has voted to suspend development, effective immediately. Mistral sees its rotary as an efficient, vibration-free and fuel-flexible liquid-cooled solution that could bridge the current “performance, reliability and cost gap” between current piston and turbine engines. The company says its G-300 can run “on any type of autogas or avgas” and targets a 3,000-hour TBO. Mistral says it is also “well along” in development of a Jet-A1-burning version with more plans in the works.

Mistral says its future plans would first see development of the normally aspirated three-rotor G-300 rotary, but also include a range of powerplants from 200 to 360 horsepower. The engines would be equipped with electronic fuel controls, and share the G-300’s vibration-free rotary operation, multi-fuel capabilities and liquid cooling. Mistral says its engines have drawn interest from aircraft, helicopter and UAV manufacturers worldwide.