NTSB Continues Asiana Investigation


The NTSB said on Monday morning that interviews would begin by the end of the day with the four pilots in the crew of the Asiana 777 that crashed in San Francisco on Saturday, killing two girls and injuring dozens of passengers. In a press briefing in San Francisco, officials said investigators are beginning to transcribe the CVR. “It is partially in English, partially in Korean, but we will have translations,” according to the NTSB Twitter feed. Also, the FDR group will be validating approximately 1,400 parameters on the data recorder. Investigators also are documenting each of the 300-plus seats and their condition, as well as the operation of the doors and slides. The NTSB also listed several other tasks it has completed so far in the investigation.

The Number 2 engine found adjacent to the fuselage shows evidence of high rotation at impact, the NTSB said. Also, an examination of the engines showed they were both operating at the time of impact, which is consistent with the FDR. The crew of the jet reported the airport in sight, was cleared for a visual approach, and transitioned to the tower frequency. The investigators have posted photos of the wreckage, inside and out, on Flickr.