Rotax Gearbox MSB Issued


Rotax has issued a manadatory service bulletin (PDF) affecting specific 912 and 914-series engine gearboxes after a fault was found with the material used in making the gears. Under severe operating conditions, it’s possible for gear teeth to break. The fix calls for replacement of the gears but the good news is that Rotax is paying the shot. Removal and replacement of the gearbox, the gear set and the installation of the new gears is all covered, as is the freight. [more] This is a significant test of Rotax’s constantly expanding service and supply network as its engines flood the mainstream aviation network, particularly in the U.S., thanks to the burgeoning popularity of the Light Sport Aircraft category. The MSB comes two weeks before the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Fla. where about 80 percent of the aircraft will be Rotax-powered and their owners and manufacturers ready to give feedback.