SAFE’s Mobile Proficient Pilot Training?


The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) arranged and presented at AirVenture a pilot proficiency project that created a new approach to training that may ultimately be coming to a forum near you. The project offers forums and simulator training sessions that specifically target key areas of flight safety. Examples include sessions on controlled flight into terrain, glass panels, angle of attack awareness and more. Working in partnership with Redbird Flight Simulations, scenarios like high-density-altitude takeoffs and complex instrument approaches can be introduced and addressed while engaging real-time critical thinking and decision-making skills. SAFE says it “is now exploring other venues” for the project.

At AirVenture, SAFE instructors presented 14 forums and provided more than 100 training sessions in Redbird simulators. Pilots who participated qualified for WINGS credit. The training approach was developed by SAFE’s instructors working in partnership with Redbird. The resulting programs allow instructors to present intense scenarios that call on a pilot’s hands-on skills and decision-making under stressful (if virtual) conditions. Pilots who commented favorably on the presentations at Oshkosh complimented the program’s dynamism and engaging presentation. Redbird has a broad and growing foundation of simulator locations and SAFE’s interest in providing accessible proficiency training could bring this project to a location near you.