Teen Completes Cross-Country Flight


Nate Foster, a 17-year-old from Maryland who took off in August to fly across the U.S. in a Piper Cub, has made it safely to Monterey, Calif., according to the Baltimore Sun. Foster received his private pilot certificate just a few days before launch, but he had logged about 150 hours at the controls since the age of 14. He completed the trip in just six days, staying mostly on schedule except for one day waiting out thunderstorms in a small Nevada town. He flew across the Rockies via a 12,000-foot pass, and told the Sun the scariest part of the trip was flying across the wide, empty spaces along the border of Wyoming and Nebraska. “It was like flying over the moon,” he said. “I felt this horrible loneliness. I just had to get out of there.”

Foster’s father, Whit, who introduced him to the world of aviation, met him in California. Nate flew home via a commercial airline to be back in time to start his senior year at Friends School.