Time Is Money … So Why Not Travel By Blimp?


Worldwide Aeros Corp. is applying the notion of comfort and luxury to executive air travel albeit with the sacrifice of time. The company’s Aeroscraft ML866 is set to make a bid at offering the “private air yacht” experience to corporate air travel at the National Business Aviation Association’s 60th annual convention to be held next month in Atlanta. In a market flooded with higher faster and farther business jet options, the future Aeroscraft’s projected 120-knot top speed hopes to be offset by its 5,000-square-foot unpressurized cabin that would provide “ultimate comfort” for a few or “a computerized office, videoconferencing capability, communications package, and a conference room that while on the ground will accommodate up to one hundred people, transformable interior and personal state room.” The unique approach of buoyant and dynamic lift offers capabilities “beyond what is available from any other air platform today,” according to Aeros. In addition, executives can enjoy operations from unprepared fields with “helicopter like vertical takeoff and landing capability” for the 210 by 95-foot Aeroscraft.