Hartzell Engine Technologies Acquires Plane-Power


In a press conference at AirVenture today, Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) (sister company to Hartzell Propellers-both owned by Tailwind Technologies) announced that it had acquired the Plane-Power line of aircraft alternators. When the opportunity came to acquire the Plane-Power line we saw it as having tremendous potential, not only to complement Hartzells family of alternators, but to gain immediate access into new markets, Mike Disbrow, president of HET, said. In particular, Plane-Power is strong in the kit-built/experimental market. They also have several STCd generator-to-alternator conversion kits that will open new opportunities to us.” Disbrow stressed that the purchase of Plane-Power in no way includes any Sky-Tec starter products. While Sky-Tec and Plane-Power were closely associated, they were separate companies and this transaction does not include the Sky-Tec business.

Hartzell Engine Technologies has spent over $4 million to upgrade and refurbish the Kelly line of aircraft products it acquired, including changes in procurement, manufacturing and quality control. Disbrow said, The purchase of Plane-Power is consistent with our strategy of growing our core product line organically and through acquisition. Our goal is to strategically and systematically continue to elevate Hartzell Engine Technologies to the leadership role in all of our product categories. HET will continue to produce all of the Plane-Power products under its current brand and the parts will be produced at the current factory in Granbury, Texas, until all of the FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) documentation can be put in place to transfer production to Hartzells facility in Montgomery, Alabama.