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If you love gawking at flying machines as much as we do, you’ve come to the right place – AVweb’s “Picture of the Week”!

Every Thursday, we select and publish the top photos from dozenssubmitted by our loyal AVweb readers. It’s a tough job – especially when there are as many good photos to choose from as there were this week – but we manage. Even tougher is picking a single photo that stands out among all the others. Fortunately, Sparky Barnes Sargent of Washington, Oklahome made this week’s choice a little easier than usual. Even in a week filled with stand-out photos, Sparky’s caught our eye and practically demanded to be named “Picture of the Week.”

As our top winner, Sparky will receive an official AVweb baseball cap in the mail. (Keep your eyes peeled for the postman!)

C’mon – you could use an AVweb hat, and we’re dying to see your photos! So what are you waiting for?Submit your aviation photos here.


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copyright Sparky Barnes Sargent
Used with permission

“Otto the Helicopter and the Lights over Lakeland”

Sparky Barnes Sargent of Washington, Oklahoma snapped this amazing shot at the night-time air show at this year’s Sun ‘n Fun. (Once again, we’re kicking ourselves for staying in and working every night of the show. Next year, we’re making it a point to catch that night-time air show, folks!)

A little info for the camera buffs, courtesy of Mr. Sargent: Taken on a Canon EOS 20D, shutter speed 1/250, aperture value 2.8, ISO speed 800, lens 70-200mm, focal length 85mm.

AVweb continues to receive a large number of excellent images for our POTW contest. Here are some of the runners-up. Due to privacy issues, AVweb does not publish e-mail addresses of readers who submit photos.

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Used with permission of Brendan Searle


Brendan Searle of Kaleen in the Capital Territory of Australia sent us several great photos from this year’sCanberra Balloon Fiesta. (That’s the Australian Treasury in the foreground, making those some very important bee-balloons.)

FYI, we also received more photos from three more readers who were at New Zealand’s recent Warbirds over Wanaka air show. What’s the secret, guys? Are the air shows in the Southern hemisphere really that amazing – or are we just sending us the cream-of-the-crop photos?

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Used with permission of Jeff Agard

“Skydivers Exit Twin Otter over Rocky Point, Mexico”

Jeff Agard of Arizona City, Arizona writes, “When there is an open door, you just gotta get out of the plane!”

And people ask us why skydivers have such an adventurous, uninhibited reputation … .

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Used with permission of
Christopher Neuhaus

“Special Delivery”

Now that’s an eye-catching paint job! Christopher Neuhaus of Munich, Bavaria (Germany) explains that this EC-135 is a dedicated transport for newborn babies and pregnant women. (Talk about traveling in style!) Christopher’s photo was taken at a recent open house at the Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona.

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Used with permission of
George Dale Lenhert

“Foggy Start to Sun ‘n Fun”

Here’s a part of Sun ‘n Fun we didn’t miss out on – the heavy fog that hung over the start to this year’s show.Dale Lenhert of Richardson, Texas was out and about slightly before we were on the first morning of the show (7am to be precise) and managed to snap this photo in the ultralight landing area.

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Used with permission of Ronnie Bell

“Edinburgh’s New Tower and Gate Guard”

A low-flying Spitfire would surely deter us from any monkey business at the Edinburgh Airport. Thanks to Ronnie Bell of Livingston, Scotland (U.K.).

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Used with permission of
Ernst (Buddy) Toepfer III

“Rough Ride Ahead”

Hoo-boy. Makes us nervous just looking at these clouds, butErnst (Buddy) Toepfer III of Corpus Christi, Texas has the full story: “I had been on a job assignment in Wichita Falls and was flying back to Corpus Christi,” he writes. “A late season cold front was coming through and we had to fly through it. We were flying at 36,000 feet [when] I found out that the local weatherman said the tops were 70,000 feet plus. The plane ride got rough to say the least. I took several pictures and thought this one turned out really special.”

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Used with permission of George Mock

“Doolittle Raiders”

The Doolittle Raiders are together again in this photo fromBrett Lohman of Geneseo, Illinois. This time, the famous (and always gracious) Raiders were together for their 64th reunion.

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