Skylegs Announces Integration with Pulsar for Effective Crew Fatigue Risk Management


Skylegs aviation management platform and Pulsar Informatics fatigue risk management company announce integration between the two systems. Aircraft operators worldwide benefit from a seamless schedule transfer from Skylegs to Pulsar so as to guarantee adequate fatigue management processes. And Pulsar is part of Skylegs premium integrations: it is included in all platform packages.

Crew fatigue management is a method of assessing and acting upon safety outcomes related to fatigue. All aircraft operators must manage fatigue, and some of them go beyond and implement a meticulous Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). Having an FRMS is powerful, as it allows operators to make a more effective use of resources, increase flexibility and ultimately, improve the safety level of the operations.

With the two platforms integrated, aircraft operators ease their process. The rosters of crew members, flights and all other duty-related activities are created and managed in Skylegs. All of this data is automatically sent to Pulsar, where they can assess the fatigue risk of future flights, identify non-conformances and understand the causes of fatigue. “Skylegs provides a comprehensive Flight Time Limitations engine and this integration is the missing link for those operators who go a step further and perform Fatigue Risk Management.  It contributes to our purpose of making the industry safe and supreme,” says Maxim Schelfhout, Skylegs Managing Director.

Pulsar Informatics is a leading fatigue risk management technology and professional services company. Founder owned and operated since its inception in 2001, Pulsar has made seminal contributions to the scientific understanding of human fatigue and performance over the past two decades. The company has advised governments around the world in regulatory policy and serves customers in multiple industries, including aviation, trucking, manufacturing, petrochemicals, defence, and space exploration.

In parallel, Skylegs is an aviation management platform where aircraft operators administer their business. Founded in 2013, the experienced team made the platform evolve and become a full-scale system to manage the air operations. Skylegs is spread across the globe, with customers from more than 20 countries. It comprises everything needed for air management, going beyond flight operations and sales. Training, finance, safety, maintenance, for instance, are also covered. The customisable system ensures a smooth workflow and increase in productivity.

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