Comp Air 12 Progress Report


Comp Air owner and president Ron Lueck provided an update on his latest project, the Comp Air 12 turboprop, at AirVenture. He is now working on a conforming prototype, which has evolved a bit from the earlier version that was shown at Sun ‘n Fun back in April. According to Lueck, the cabin of the current Model 12 is 42 inches longer than the earlier version and about four inches wider. The tail surfaces have been made larger to accommodate the power of the Honeywell TPE331-14GR turboprop engine, he said. It will have a ceiling of 29,000 feet, a 310 knot cruise, 2,800-fpm climb and an NBAA IFR range of 2,535 nm. “It can go nonstop anywhere in North America,” he said. The eight to 10-seat Comp Air 12 will have a lavatory on board to ensure comfort on longer flights. Lueck expects the design to achieve certification in the first quarter of 2010 and sell for under $3 million.

He said the company is looking for a site to build a production facility, and he is open to offers. Lueck would like to stay in Florida, he said, but is willing to locate wherever he finds the best deal. He said there has been a lot of interest in the design because it offers a useful combination of speed, range and comfort.