Diamond, ATP Ink Training Agreement


One of Diamond Aircraft’s biggest customers for its D-Jet single-engine jet has been named its training partner for customers of the new jet. ATP (Air Transport Professionals), which has ordered 20 of the five-passenger aircraft, will do the transition training and type ratings for D-Jet customers. “The D-Jet is designed primarily for the owner/pilot market and, as such, the type rating training needs to be different than conventional business jet type training,” said Peter Maurer, President of Diamond Aircraft. “ATP has a well-proven track record of transitioning piston pilots to jet aircraft … .”

ATP spokesman Phil Cooper told AVweb there will be two distinct courses for D-Jet customers, one for pilots already type rated on jets and one for those making the leap to jets. Experienced pilots will get a six-day course with a combination of stick and flight time, and the transition pilots will be there for nine days and get more time in both environments. The training programs are already well-developed and will be fully ready for owners as they take delivery of the jets.