EAA Gets First Icon A5 For Young Eagles


EAA will get the first Icon A5 Light Sport amphib and will use it for Young Eagles flights. At a well-attended event at AirVenture 2015, Icon CEO Kirk Hawkins said part of the impetus behind the development of the aircraft was to bring new pilots to aviation. He said the Young Eagles participants who have already flown in the aircraft have been impressed. The airplane is spin-resistant and reportedly easy to fly, and its versatility is a major selling point. The company says it has about 1,200 position holders for the plane, which has a base price of $189,000.

EAA Interim CEO Jack Pelton said he was impressed with the handling and flight characteristics of the aircraft during his demo flight. Young Eagles chairman, airshow pilot Sean Tucker, said he was surprised at how easy it was to transition to the little amphib. The aircraft has been under development for almost seven years and was issued a weight exemption by the FAA to accommodate the heavier structure required to make it spin-resistant. It’s allowed to weigh 1,680 pounds gross, 250 pounds more than other LSA amphibs.