Oshkosh 2001: AVweb’s AirVenture News Team

A quick look at the staff and contributors who brought you this year's AirVenture coverage.


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AirVenture 2001 News Team


Mary Grady
Senior News Editor

Brenda Carol

Glenn Pew Newswriter



Randy Jenkins
Graphic Artist/Webmaster/Photo Gallery Guru

Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside – Executive Editor

Joseph E. (Jeb) BurnsideJoseph E. (Jeb) Burnside is AVweb‘s executive editor. An active pilot since 1973, Jeb has earned his Commercial and Advanced Ground Instructor certificates and holds Single- and Multi-Engine Land and Instrument Ratings. He owns and flies a 1966 Beech C33A Debonair based at Manassas, Va. (HEF).

Prior to joining AVweb full-time, he served for two years as AVweb’s Washington bureau chief and news writer. Previous writing credits include serving as a contributing editor for Professional Pilot magazine and writing the monthly news coverage for that publication. Since Jeb’s professional background is in government relations – he is a “reformed” lobbyist and has almost 20 years’ experience on Capitol Hill, coupled with lengthy service as NBAA’s chief Capitol Hill representative and as a representative for other aviation and transportation interests – he brings great legitimacy and deep insight to AVweb’s coverage of government affairs. Jeb’s perspective on FAA, DOT and Congressional happenings – and unique insights on the aviation industry – has been invaluable in helping to make AVweb an effective instrument of change in aviation.

Mary Grady – Senior News Editor

Mary GradyMary Grady is AVweb‘s senior news editor and an accomplished feature and news writer. Mary has worked as a news editor for The Providence Journal, a daily metropolitan newspaper; a science writer for the University of Rhode Island’s oceanography school; and a book editor for the National Geographic Society. She is also a contributing writer on aviation topics to Showcase magazine/The Robb Report. Her aviation credentials include certification as a Private pilot in airplanes, a Commercial pilot of hot-air balloons, and an Advanced Ground Instructor. Mary taught ground school for many years and also worked as a flight-school operations manager in Florida. During college, she loaded freight for FedEx at PVD and spent many happy hours in the jumpseat of B727s and DC-10s. Mary won AOPA’s 1999 Max Karant Award in the print category for a Providence Journal feature about woman pilots entitled, “Their Dreams Took Wing.”

Brenda Carol – Newswriter

Brenda CarolAs a low-time, recently-licensed private pilot, Brenda Carol has racked up a considerable log of semi-entertaining aviation-related stories that she will share readily with friends, acquaintances or even perfect strangers who happen to ask, or not ask. She’s been eye-to-eye with a California Condor in a Cessna 150 over the Coastal Range, scared senseless more than once by a snippy controller and subjected to an assortment of training theories from CFI-rated crop dusters to NASA test pilots. She’s no stranger to misunderstood, intensely regulated fields, having worked as an agricultural writer, photographer and public relations specialist for the past 16 years. She once took a ride on the outside of a crop duster’s helicopter, straddling the gas tank, hanging on with one hand and operating a camera in the other – just to get a good picture. That was before she knew anything about seatbelt regulations. When she’s not flying or writing, she likes to kayak in relatively peaceful bays, particularly those close to Carmel.

Glenn Pew – Newswriter

Glenn PewGlenn Pew earned his private certificate in 1991. His history includes service in production design and quality assurance for two companies that develop and produce experimental aircraft. He’s produced aircraft parts for distribution, public display and as samples for the acquisition of government contracts. Glenn has also worked as a consultant for homebuilders of composite aircraft and was employed to create raw footage for a video construction manual. As a Research Editor for Boardroom, Inc., a direct mail newsletter and book publisher, Glenn works with a team of experts and freelance writers to hone useful copy for the masses. He also edits a section of Boardrooms Web site. Glenn lives in New York City and is building an aerobatic experimental of his own which should be finished “sometime late Wednesday afternoon” – he’s not quite as specific about the date.

Liz Swaine – Newswriter

Liz SwaineLiz Swaine is a member of the AVweb news writing team. A private instrument-rated pilot, she owns and flies a 1966 Mooney M-20E affectionately known as “Mike” and a Russian Yak-52 affectionately known as “Yak-52.” Liz’s love for aviation began some years ago when, as a reporter at a TV station in Pensacola, Fla., she was assigned the Blue Angels beat. From there, she moved to Shreveport, La. and, as news anchor at the ABC affiliate, traveled the world covering the happenings at Barksdale Air Force Base. She has traveled to Russia to cover the fall of communism, to Saudi Arabia to report on the build up to Desert Storm, and to Israel to look at the Arab-Israeli peace process up close. Her latest position – as executive assistant to the dynamic mayor of Shreveport – is showing her what the political world looks like from the inside, and she reports the sausage analogy is right on … you may enjoy what it tastes like, but you probably don’t want to see it being made. The fast pace of her life extends to her play … she is a former triathlete and currently into high intensity weight training. Liz recently married airshow pilot and airplane builder Steve Culp, who likes airplanes as much as she does and can fix ’em, too. Their dark, hairy daughter named “Mollie” looks suspiciously like a dog.

Rick Durden – OSHtalk

Rick DurdenRick Durden is a practicing aviation attorney who holds an ATP Certificate, with a type rating in the Cessna Citation, and Commercial privileges for gliders, free balloons and single-engine seaplanes. He is also an instrument and multi-engine flight instructor. Rick started flying when he was fifteen and became a flight instructor during his freshman year of college. He did a little of everything in aviation to help pay for college and law school including flight instruction, aerial application, and hauling freight. In the process of trying to fly every old and interesting airplane he could, Rick has accumulated over 5,400 hours of flying time. In his law practice Rick regularly represents pilots, fixed base operators, overhaulers, and manufacturers. Prior to starting his private practice, he was an attorney for Cessna in Wichita for seven years. He is a regular contributor to Aviation Consumer and AOPA Pilot and teaches aerobatics in a 7KCAB Citabria in his spare time. Rick makes it clear he is part owner of a corporation which owns a Piper Aztec, because, having flown virtually every type of piston-engine airplane Cessna manufactured from 1933 on, as well as all the turboprops and some of the jets, he cannot bring himself to admit to actually owning a Piper.

Randy Jenkins – Webmaster/Photo Gallery Guru

Randy JenkinsRandy Jenkins is AVweb’s Graphic Artist, Webmaster, and builds and maintains the Oshkosh Photo Galleries. Yes, he’s the one responsible for the kooky captions. Randy is a low-time pilot and just recieved his official FAA PP-SEL ticket back in May. After receiving his BFA from Central Missouri State University, Randy held all kinds of “real world” jobs such as hotel desk clerk, assembly line worker, and DJ before entering the world of the internet. Randy lives in South Florida with his wife, Jacque, and their two sons.

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