Embraer Announces Launch Customer For E-Jet Freighter Conversions


Embraer has announced that regional aircraft leasing company Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) will be the launch customer for its E-Jet passenger to freight (P2F) conversions. NAC will take up to 10 conversion slots for E190F and E195F conversions, which will come from its existing fleet of E190 and E195 passenger aircraft. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2024.

“There is unprecedented demand for airfreight, especially for same day deliveries and decentralised operations; the perfect mission for E-Jet sized freighters,” said Embraer Services & Support President and CEO Johann Bordais. “Embraer’s P2F solution provides NAC with ideal revenue earning extension opportunities for our earlier E-Jet models, now set to replace the more polluting narrowbody cargo aircraft heading into retirement.”

According to Embraer, converting an E190/E195 passenger aircraft to an E190F/E195F cargo hauler includes adding a main deck front cargo door, cargo handling system, floor reinforcement, rigid cargo barrier (RCB) and cargo smoke detection system along with air management system changes, interior removal and provisions for transporting hazardous material. Once the conversion is complete, the E190F can carry a payload of up to 23,600 pounds and the E195F a payload of 27,100 pounds. Work will be completed at Embraer’s facilities in Brazil.

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