BendixKing Introduces KI-300 Retrofit Electronic Attitude Gyro


At AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, BendixKing announced the KI-300 solid-state electronic attitude indicator. Designed as a retrofit replacement for the company’s mechanical, vacuum-driven KI-256 and KG-258 attitude gyros, the KI-300 has the same form factor as the KI-256/KI-258 gyros—which means it will bolt into the same location as the old iron gyros it replaces—but it doesn’t rely on the vacuum system.

Instead, the LCD display-equipped KI-300 uses solid-state attitude sensors, plus it outputs digital roll, pitch and yaw signals for driving a wide variety of BendixKing and Honeywell autopilots—including the KAP100, KFC200, KFC/KAP150, KFC225 and KFC250/275 systems. The KI-300 is equipped with an electronic flight director command bar presentation and outputs roll and pitch stabilization for inputting to select ships’ weather radar systems, including the BendixKing RDR2000/2100 system.

The KI-300 will be approved for use as the primary attitude indicator, has a standby backup battery for powering the unit for over one hour and can be used in aerobatic environments, BendixKing said at its packed media briefing at the show. When it’s available in December 2015, the company said it can be installed under AML-STC and will have a five-year warranty, but noted that the nature of the MEMS technology means it has a lifespan that should outlive the old KI-256 several times over.

The KI-300 will be available in three configurations: The KI-256/KG-258 replacement for $5995, a $7995 version with outputs for replacing the King KRG330 yaw gyro (for older KFC autopilots with yaw damper) and stand-alone model (no autopilot interface) for $4995.

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