Dynon Expands SkyView HDX To Bonanza Models


Dynon’s Certified SkyView HDX retrofit avionics suite started out with an STC for Cessna Skyhawk models, but now the company announced that it’s approved via an STC (and PMA) for select models of the Beechcraft Bonanza. This includes the Bonanza P35, S35 and V35/A/B series aircraft.

“The Bonanza community is one of the most passionate and organized out there and they’ve done a great job of convincing Dynon to bring the Certified line to these aircraft,” said Dynon’s Michael Schofield of the latest STC.

The SkyView HDX has a starting price of $9000 and the STC is priced at $4000. There are single- and dual-screen options and the suite has synthetic vision, AoA, digital engine monitoring and a fully integrated three-axis autopilot with yaw damper. The system also has built-in mandate-compliant ADS-B Out and is IFR capable when connected with an approved IFR GPS navigator. Backup flight instrumentation comes from Dynon’s EFIS-D10A standalone EFIS display.

Bonanza owners can expect a sizable gain in useful load because Dynon says the typical HDX Certified installation is typically 50 to 80 pounds lighter than the instruments and hardware it replaces, including the vacuum system—which can be removed in its entirety as part of the STC.

The system can be installed by qualified and approved A&P/IA mechanics or by Dynon installation centers, and it can be purchased directly from Dynon. For more, visit www.dynoncertified.com.