FAA OKs New Texas Airport


When airports normally are closing down at a quick pace around the country, it’s always a pleasure to find a new site for general aviation. This week, the FAA approved the opening up of the private South Waller County Airport near Houston for public use. The developer will start out by paving 4,500 feet of runway, and plans to build hangars and a restaurant and eventually accommodate up to 1,000 business and personal aircraft. “We believe this airport will be a tremendous asset for the community,” airport spokesman Drew Coats said in a news release on Tuesday. “The airport will provide needed transportation infrastructure to the public without using public money. It will stimulate the economy, create good jobs and provide a variety of educational opportunities for kids.” Long-term plans include building park, picnic and aviation youth activity areas for the community. The planning and design process for the airport is ongoing, and the developer hopes to begin construction on the site in the next 120 to 180 days.