Meigs Closure Cited In Airliner Scare


The closure of Meigs Field (for security reasons, remember?) has been implicated in an incident that gave a Chicago baseball stadium full of people a collective case of the jitters. The FAA is investigating whether an ATA Boeing 737-800 was dangerously (or illegally) low when it passed over U.S. Cellular Field on approach to Midway Airport on Thursday. According to CBS 2 Chicago, the closure of Meigs eliminated restricted airspace that had previously kept aircraft approaching Midway away from the stadium. Of course, that doesn’t really explain why the 737 was, according to the FAA, just 700 feet AGL when it was still 6.5 miles from the runway. Baseball announcer Ken Harrelson has no doubt the plane was unusually low. “I guarantee you, if there were passengers on that plane, they may have been able to see the numbers on the guys’ backs on the field,” Harrelson told the TV station. “I have never seen a plane, in all the years that we have been there, an airplane that low,” he said. “And it scared me, it really did.”