Travolta’s “Airport” Home Featured


As a boy, John Travolta dreamed what many have dreamed: that there would be an airplane parked in everyone’s backyard. A few have achieved that dream, but hardly any as spectacularly as Travolta. The veteran actor can now walk out of his airport-style home near Ocala, Fla., and hop aboard his personal Boeing 707 for a flight to almost anywhere. Travolta’s Florida getaway is at a fly-in community called Jumbolair, which features a 7,500-foot runway. Travolta bought a nine-acre lot for his aviation compound, which includes a house that resembles an airport, complete with a tower-like observation area. “This is a house that says dreams are possible. Everything is possible,” his wife Kelly Preston told an Architectural Digest forum at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History last week. The magazine is featuring Travolta and Preston’s home on its cover this month as part of a feature on celebrity mansions. Travolta told the forum he took his inspiration for the design of the home from “the beautiful airports of yesteryear.” Recently, the facility was the staging area for Travolta’s private relief effort for Hurricane Katrina victims, in which he packed the 707 with medical supplies and delivered them to the affected area. And, while a $2.4 million home could be termed extravagant by many people’s standards, it’s nice to know Travolta’s priorities are straight. According to, the 707 is worth $96 million.