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Last week, AVweb asked how much you’d be willing to pay for avgas before you seriously considered (shudder) giving up flying.

Over a third of our respondents (35%) said that $5.00 a gallon would do the trick.

Nearly a quarter (24%) said $6.50 per gallon would be the breaking point.

14% of those who answered last week’s "Question" were ready to hang up their wings at $9.00 a gallon.

A mere 17 readers (3% of those polled) were willing to hold out for $12.00/gallon avgas before they considered giving up the skies.

And another 24% of readers said it’d take more than $12 avgas to keep them out of the air.  (Just don’t tell the petrol companies you feel that way – all right, guys?)


With the FAA looking for money, what does your crystal ball say about the future of aviation in the U.S.A.? Consider our list of (some of the) possibilities, and tell us which one you think might be a glimpse into the future.

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