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Last week, AVweb asked readers if they were concerned about having a mid-air collision.

By and large, our readers feel that mid-air collisions are just one of many dangers they must guard against.  57% of our readership were happy to lump this danger in with all the other potential hazards of flying a plane.

28% of respondents, however, were willing to rank a mid-air collision as one of their "top five" concerns.  And another 7% went as far as saying it’s their greatest flying fear.

Only 1% of readers confessed that mid-air collisions are something they never think about.  And another 1% subscribe to the notion that a mid-air collision is more a matter of fate than pilot control and preparation.

The final 5% of our readership reminded us that they sky is a big place and that we’re all playing a numbers game (that thankfully skews in our favor) when we share it with other planes.


This week, AVweb wants to know how much attention to pay to hypoxia in the cockpit. Sure, it depends a lot on the performance of the aircraft – but it depends just as much on the performance of the pilot. And some of the contributing factors are well out of your control.

How much concern do you grant hypoxia when you fly?

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