AVweb’s Question of the Week …



Hoo-boy, did we ever get a lot of response toour last "Question of the Week"!  If you thought our poll about the salaries of professional pilots was a bit one-sided – 2/3 of our respondents answered with an emphatic "no, professional pilots are not overpaid" – wait until you see the result of our poll on CFI salaries!

97% of our respondents (over 700 readers) answered "no!" again.  (We added the exclamation point.)  A few even took us to task for asking the question.  Somewhere out there, however, are 19 AVweb readers who thought, "Yep, CFIs are overpaid."  (Maybe they’re lucky enough to have an Instructor who just makes it look easy.)


This week, AVweb wants to know if you’re happier with the round analog gauges on older instrument panels, or just more familiar with them. Flat panels are taking over, but because most of us don’t buy or fly new airplanes, most of us aren’t all that familiar with them. These incredibly capable boxes are out there right now – butis it a good thing for you?

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