Short Final: Giving Way


Our local airport has one strip, one departure, and a mix of general aviation and airliner traffic. Airliners often have a fixed wheels-up time and Ground will prioritize their movement over the general aviation traffic. The commercial ramp is between the general aviation ramp and the approach end of the preferred runway. I heard the following exchange one day:

Skyhawk 123: “Ground, Skyhawk 123, tie-downs, taxi with Tango.”

Ground: “Skyhawk 123, taxi Alpha, Bravo, hold short 16.”

Skyhawk 123: “Alpha, Bravo, hold short 16, Skyhawk 123.”

A few minutes later:

Airliner 456: “Ground, Airliner 456, ready for taxi.”

Ground: “Airliner 456, taxi Hotel, Alpha, Bravo, hold short 16.”

Airliner 456: “Hotel, Alpha, Bravo, hold short 16, Airliner 456.”

Ground: “Skyhawk 123, give way to the Airbus 319 at Hotel.”

Skyhawk 123: “Giving way to the small French Twin, Skyhawk 123.”


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  1. A little long but I found it funny. And low time pilots get a better view of our lingo.