Lancair Knows News


Kudos to Lancair International.Here’s a company that is confident in its product, proud of its abilities and honest with anyone who’s interested in what they do.Even when there’s a screwup.Last week, the company flagship Evolution Turbine prototype landed about two feet lower than it normally does. Accidental gear-up landings are always embarrassing and there is no excuse for them.So it was refreshing that Lancair didn’t offer any. In a detailed news release (PDF) which left no doubt how it happened, who was at fault and what the consequences were, names were named, the action plan was detailed and no excuses were offered.No one was hurt, the plane should be flying by the time you read this and life will go on.Breathtaking.We ran the story, as did most other aviation outlets, and there wasn’t a single misunderstanding among our collective hundreds of thousands of readers as to what happened.The way these things sometimes go is that someone will tip us but won’t have the detail we need to run a story so we’ll try to get the information we need from company officials who think the world will end because a distracted pilot forgot the gear (which happens daily, at least).So, we dig in, we talk to people who may or may not know what’s going on and we do the best we can to give readers a picture of what really happened.The truth is, we probably never get even close to the accuracy of the clear, concise and beautifully honest news release Lancair issued. (Again, the PDF can be read here.)Thanks.Sometimes it’s easy to present the news.