…But Not By Much


Chances are avgas prices have gone up at your local FBO, too, but if you live in the central part of the U.S. you’re probably paying less than elsewhere in the country. AirNav’s report on fuel prices canvasses 3955 FBOs and the most recent tabulation reveals that the average price for 100LL in the central area was $2.70 a gallon. In some places it was as low as $2 while others were charging $3.75 a gallon. Alaska has the highest prices, ranging from $2.25 to $5.25 a gallon with an average of $3.18. Outside of Alaska, New England was listed as the most expensive place to buy avgas, with an average of $3.01 a gallon between extremes of $2.25 and $5.25. The volatility of fuel prices has had some unexpected anomalies in some areas. For instance, in Western Canada prices for automotive fuel went up by as much as 30 percent virtually overnight a month ago but avgas prices stayed relatively stable. For a while, the Salmon Arm Airport in south-central British Columbia was selling 100LL at 94 cents CAD per liter (about $2.70 U.S. per gallon), a cent or two cheaper than regular unleaded.