Changes For The FAA — Some Good, Some Not


Flight Services, Towers Should Be Open To Pilots…

Theoretically, you should be able to get your next weather briefing in person if you want to. With some prompting from AOPA, the FAA has determined that there’s no good reason to keep pilots out of flight service stations and towers as long as the security threat remains at yellow or below. According to AOPA, that means that FSSs should be open for walk-in briefings and that pilots should be allowed into air traffic control facilities for “operational purposes” that include tours and Operation Raincheck programs. But you might want to check first. The FAA says access is conditional on there being staff to conduct the tours and if the threat level goes up the doors might be locked again. The issue was raised during a session with Transportation Security Administration chief Adm. David Stone at AOPA Expo last month.