…Marketing Efforts Intensify…


While the technical committees work on getting the aircraft OK’d to fly, gaggles of marketing types are working equally hard to make sure the public is ready to buy them when they do. EAA has announced a partnership with Sportsplanes.com to promote sport flying. Josh Foss, president of Sportsplanes.com, is working to establish a nationwide network of Sport Aircraft Regional Centers where flight training and aircraft sales will be available. EAA also is supporting the Sport Pilot Tour to bring sport aircraft to local airports where the curious can get an intro flight. The tour begins with stops in Marysville, Calif., June 3-4; St. Louis, Mo., June 10-11; and Franklin, Pa., June 17-18. The traveling show will also be featured at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh starting July 25.