Sport Pilot Extravaganza


As momentum picks up for the new Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft category, so do the number of conforming models that are available. Four new fixed-wing models will be introduced at Sun ‘n Fun, bringing the total number of approved S-LSA (factory-built) aircraft available to 30. There are three new weight-shift aircraft being unveiled and the total number of ready-to-fly models in that category will rise to 33. Look for lots of information booths on the new category as this is the year that the approved aircraft and certificated instructors will be available in numbers sufficient to address what industry officials hope will be a pent-up demand for the new category. Getting to Sun ‘n Fun is part of the fun if you’re flying and you’re prepared. An army of experienced controllers and volunteers is waiting to help you get on the ground and parked as safely and efficiently as possible. The Sun ‘n Fun NOTAM was issued earlier this year and is, of course, required reading for anyone heading to Lakeland.