…Weather Changes Forecast


It also looks like there are changes coming to the way that controllers get their weather information, as part of the FAA’s drive to minimize weather delays. In an internal memo obtained by AVweb, the National Weather Service (NWS) will reorganize its Central Weather Support Units (CWSU) system, which is the link between the latest weather information and the air traffic controllers. The less-is-more theme appears to be applied here, as well. In his assessment of the NWS plan, John Kies, the FAA’s manager of Air Traffic Tactical Operations, notes there won’t be any more money for the increased services so some CWSUs will likely have to be cut. “The NWS has agreed, de facto, to consolidation of the current configuration of the CWSUs,” Kies wrote. The NWS has agreed to provide hourly forecast updates to terminals and to modernize and standardize its communications and display systems. It’s also hiring a scientific officer to help in the development of new technology and staff will get regular training and assessments. The revamped system will operate around the clock.