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VoiceFlight Systems says it has received FAA certification for its VFS101 pilot speech recognition system and that it’s the first such system to get a supplementary type certificate (STC) from the FAA. Inventor Scott Merritt says the patented system allows pilots to accurately enter flight plans, edit them, make corrections, and make changes using voice commands. In addition, it will accept vector airways in the voice commands and expand them. At Oshkosh, Merritt told us, “Even here at the show, when I enter a single airport for a demonstration, it’s faster to say it than turn the knob.”

Merritt says using the system doesn’t require any special training, and it doesn’t have to be trained itself to recognize specific pilot voices. One yoke-mounted push-button tells the system to listen, and it verifies critical commands such as “direct.” The system is $2,995 and can be installed on the Cessna 182 via STC or other aircraft via a field approval.

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