ADS-B In, Out, And Portable


A new product joining the ranks of ADS-B offerings may have particular appeal to individuals and operators who own multiple aircraft as well as renters who own none, because it’s portable. SkyVision Xtreme this week introduced its fully portable ADS-B In and Out system that delivers all ADS-B traffic (in 3-D presentation) and weather “to any display without installation” via Wi-Fi. At under $4,000 the system could be considered a stopgap measure for people who want the added utility but don’t want to commit panel real estate to evolving and yet un-required technology. But company principal Harry Sanders told AVweb Thursday that since 2009, his company has never charged for software updates and when ADS-B becomes mandatory in 2020, the system can also by permanently installed.

SkyVision Xtreme has produced ADS-B software products since 2009; its portable system includes a NavWorx ADS600-B, a UAT transceiver, antennae for that unit and GPS, plus mounts. The system works with any Wi-Fi capable device via a free app, meaning pilots can create multiple displays in the cockpit. And the hardware comes packed in a metal briefcase that, when opened, introduces three wires into the cockpit for the antennae and a 12/24V cigarette-lighter plug. More detail is available in this podcast.