Aerobatic “Snap” LSA, Now From Tecnam


Tecnam produces aircraft ranging from light sport to certified twins, is responsible for more than 3,500 aircraft in the world, today, and has now added a single-seat aerobatic low-wing LSA, the Snap, to its offerings. Snap was previously available from Dallair, which has experience building sub-assemblies for Tecnam. And the Snap’s designer, Fabio Russo, is currently Tecnam’s head of research and development. Tecnam will build the plane in Italy. SportairUSA, which has been the distributor for the Snap, will continue in that role.

The Snap flies behind a Rotax modified by EPApower to put out 130 hp with electronic fuel injection, inverted oil, an auxiliary alternator and four-into-one exhaust. The engine has been fully balanced and polished, and burns 5 gallons of premium auto fuel per hour. The aircraft carries no more than 10 gallons, has a maximum takeoff weight of less than 950 pounds and is stressed for plus or minus six G’s. Tecnam says it “will be certifiable as production light sport (S-LSA), experimental light sport (E-LSA), or experimental-exhibition (EE).” Pricing when it was introduced at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 was expected to be near $150,000. More details are available here.