All 108 Survive Bali Crash (Updated)


All 108 people aboard a Lion Air Boeing 737-800 survived after the aircraft reportedly missed a runway Saturday at Denpasar Airport in Bali and ended up in the rocky shallows of the ocean at the end of the runway. Details are scarce but there are conflicting reports about whether it was an overrun. Early reports say the airplane never touched the runway and “landed” in the sea but the final resting place of the Boeing and more recent reports suggest it failed to stop on the runway and went over a cliff at the end. The main 9,800-foot runway extends about 3,000 feet into the ocean and it appears the aircraft ended up just off the end of the runway.

Photos show passengers able to walk off the wings into waiting rescue boats while rescue personnel secure the aircraft with lines. It was raining at the time of the accident but the weather was described as good by officials. The airplane is new and was on a domestic flight from Bandung in West Java. The hull is cracked in half and part of the horizontal stabilizer is missing but the wreckage is mostly intact and there’s no evidence of a fire. There were 101 passengers and seven crew aboard and the flight crew was described as experienced. Of those just 22 were treated in the hospital and injuries ranged from scratches and scrapes to broken bones and head injuries. There were five children and one infant aboard.