Crownair Brings Updated T210 To Market


Crownair Companies will display its first Crownair “Centurion Edition” T210 during the AOPA Expo in San Jose, Calif., this week. The upgraded 1977 aircraft features all-new amenities, including a glass cockpit, new classic blue paint scheme, RAM engine, tinted glass, wingtips with recognition lights, Super Quiet cabin soundproofing and gray leather seats with sheepskin inserts. The T210 will compete with new aircraft, offering more payload and faster speeds, Crownair says. The Centurion was in production from 1957 to 1985 and about 9,240 were built. “Centurion owners and pilots own a piece of history, but that doesn’t mean the plane shouldn’t have modern technology and comforts,” said Grant Murray, owner of Crownair. “We understand the dedicated owners and enthusiasts who fly Centurions, and our goal is to make their flying experience first class.”

Production on the Crownair Centurion Edition T210 will be done on an as-ordered basis and takes approximately two to three months, the company said. Crownair is based in southern California.