‘Eclipsers’ Reach Out To One Another


A Web site created to help laid off Eclipse Aviation employees get on with their lives says there have been reports of a group forming to create a company that would at least support the 260 aircraft now flying. Although there are no details provided, it’s evidence that the wheels are already turning as Eclipse enters Chapter 7 liquidation. “I know of at least one group that is trying to put something together to at least support the 260 finished aircraft,” former Eclipse engineer Brian Turner, the host of the site, wrote there Wednesday.” I am guessing there are others also looking at the bankruptcy as an opportunity to buy the assets cheap. We will not know anything until we see what happens in the bankruptcy.”

Turner told KOAT TV that he had a spare Web site available through other interests and decided to put together a one-stop resource for news, information and advice for ex-Eclipse employees. “They don’t know what’s going on, they don’t know where to turn,” he said. Among the topics on the site are information about employment insurance, health insurance, job search resources and general information about the process of leaving the company. “I’m calling the different providers and find out what’s happening and putting that information on the website so other people have a common source of information to go to,” said Turner.