GA Advocates Oppose Trump Privatization Plan


Sixteen general aviation advocacy groups signed on to a letter on Monday (PDF) opposing President Trump’s plan to turn the FAA into a private nonprofit corporation. “Dismantling the current system will devastate GA, while not accomplishing the desired goals of efficiency and technological improvements,” the letter says. “Today, the U.S. air traffic control system is the best in the world, moving more aircraft, more safely and efficiently, than any other country. Working with Congress and the FAA, aviation stakeholders have been able to ensure that our system operates for the public benefit, providing access for all stakeholders to airports, heliports and airspace, and encouraging competition and innovation.” The letter says “big airlines” are pushing for the new funding model, but the GA groups say they have seen similar systems in other countries and they are not good for GA.

The letter concludes: “We respectfully request that you provide ample opportunity for all stakeholders and citizens to carefully review, analyze and debate any proposed legislation changing the governance and funding for air traffic control.” The groups signing the letter are: Air Care Alliance, Aircraft Electronics Association, AOPA, Citation Jet Pilots, Commemorative Air Force, EAA, GAMA, Helicopter Association International, International Council of Air Shows, National Agricultural Aviation Association, National Association of State Aviation Officials, National Air Transportation Association, NBAA, Recreational Aviation Foundation, U.S. Parachute Association, and Veterans Airlift Command.